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Becoming A Member Of Branch 67

Click on the application form and once completed you should submit it to the branch 67 office. Depending on the category of membership you qualify for, you will be required to provide documentation to substantiate your eligibility. Refer to the Proof of Eligibility Requirements information page‚Äč below. The Legion does not have access to military records. Copies of military service documentation may be obtained from the National Archives of Canada.

If you require assistance with your application, you should contact our branch office and they will assist you in completing your application form and can advise you on your eligibility status and what documentation may be required. Each branch enjoys a measure of autonomy so activities, programs and membership dues may vary from branch to branch.

Application form for the Legion is:


Dress Code

Standard Dress

‚ÄčNavy blue beret with Legion beret crest;. brass Branch numerals may be worn on the beret, centred on the beret badge, parallel to the head band and the first number is to be 3/8” to the wearer’s left of the beret badge. The beret is worn with the band one inch above the eyebrows, the beret crest over the left eye, the beret pulled back and smoothed to the right side.

Navy blue blazer, complete with the appropriate Legion blazer crest on the left-hand breast pocket and Legion buttons on front and sleeves. A regimental Service Blazer Badge of the unit/regiment/service being served or was served may be worn on the right side pocket of the Legion blazer. Protocol for wearing the Legion uniform can be found in the Ritual, Awards and Protocol Manual.

  • Black shoes, black socks
  • Grey trousers for males
  • Grey knee length skirts or slacks for females
  • Black shoulder strap purses may be carried on parade
  • Small stud or keeper earrings are appropriate for females
  • Plain white shirt
  • Legion long striped tie
  • White gloves are worn by comrades participating at ceremonies
Summer Dress

This order of dress may be worn in Canada from the 1st day of May to the last day of September each year in accordance with climatic conditions. Dress for international events may be determined in accordance with climatic conditions at all times throughout the year. Summer dress should be worn on occasions where, in the opinion of the body issuing the invitation or instruction, the wearing of summer dress would be appropriate.

  • Blazers are not worn
  • Legion shirt badge is displayed on the shirt pocket
  • A tie is optional
  • No epauletes, shoulder badges, or medals
  • Undress Service Ribbons may be worn

It is recommended that Legion dress be worn while attending any formal Legion function including Legion meetings. All Officers or Executive members occupying a position at the Head Table of any Legion meeting should be in Legion uniform. The protocol for the wearing of Legion medals can be found in the Ritual, Awards and Protocol Manual.

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