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Bulletin of Events

Presidents Report

       Hope everyone had a safe Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. At the end of 2017 your legion was booked to it's capacity and I  Thank all the volunteers who worked long and hard to make it all a big success. Many hands make light work and light work makes everyone feel good. In this new year let us all work together as a single unit for the betterment of your branch and community. Like the old saying by Greek storyteller, Aesop: United we stand, divided we fall.

         On Dec. 12th the Sir Sam Seniors (cards) made a donation to the branch for a $1000.00. This kind of generousity goes a long way in making your branch what is today. I would like to ask, if any member wishing to be on the executive and be the poppy chairman please let it be known. Comrade John Sherman has done an outstanding job with this area of our executive, but do to other obligations he has to step down.  

         As your building chairman I have talked to our insurance about what is going on with the parking lot  and they are working with the TSSA and MOE to have this issue put to rest. As for what the cost to us will be at this present time I'm not going to speculate. In the near future I hope to get some great news from the C.H.E.S.T Fund and New Horizons.

         The cooler project is going slow but sure,things move a little slower when you work in temperatures close to freezing. The awesome $8000.00 donation the Ladies Auxiliary gave to the branch is making this project become a reality.

          Again, if you have any concerns please bring it to your executive. Saying things about a problem to people who havn't the power to change it is a complete waste of time.

       Yours in Comradeship

              Howie Johnston

Don`t forget the Presidents Levee on the 1st January 2018.






Bar Chairmain’s Report

Bar Chairman’s Report

Our bars for 2017 have done very well.

The bar stewards and I would like to wish you all the best in 2018!

Yours in comradeship,

Jim Richardson

First Vice President/Bar Chairman


Sports Report

This section will cover Zone and Branch 67 Sports

Sports Report:

As we move into 2018 the Zone, District and Provincial Sports get busier.  A  2018 Legion Sports Calendar is posted on the sports board along with sign-up sheets for the various events.  Please be sure to check how many teams can go to an event as some events are limited to the number of participants from each Branch.  Please check all dates to ensure you are available to go to each level of competition in the event you advance.  If you have any questions please contact me.

Zone snooker was held in Fenelon Falls on November 18th.  The team of Dave Derkatz, Lorne Holder, Dave Musgrave and Fraser Dow placed first and will move on to District which is being held in Lakefield on January 6th.

I am hoping to see a good turn-out for Zone regular darts being held on January 6th in Fenelon Falls.

Seniors Darts was held in Lindsay on December 9th with Fenelon Falls taking home the trophy.


Our in-house sports events have now reached the half way point.  Sports consist of Tuesday and Friday night shuffleboard and Wednesday and Friday night mixed dart leagues.  All are going well  and everyone participating is having a good time.

Our Sir Sam Seniors’ euchre continues to do well.  It is held every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. in the Vimy Room.  Big Buck Bid Euchre is held the fourth Wednesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. in the Vimy Room.  All are welcome.

Our pool table continues to be very busy, especially in the winter months.

Wishing you all the best in 2018!

Yours in comradeship,

Jim Richardson

Sports Officer


Membership Report

Help bring our membership numbers up by applying for the early bird 2018. Dead line Dec 31st 2017

Branch 067 Membership Report


Membership renewals up to 15 December 2017.


Ordinary                  119


Associate                  315


Affiliate                  102


Total                  536


Reminder for members who have not renewed yet, the Early Bird rate has expired and the regular rate for December is active until 31 December.

For those who have not renewed their 2017 or prior years memberships, they can still be renewed.


James Cameron

Membership Chairman





Poppy Report

Please honour your commitment to participate in the poppy campaign this year.

Poppy Report

This year the Branch raised $42,000.00 as compared to $44,000.00 last year. This is due to less participation from members honouring their pledge to participate in the annual poppy campaign, which we are all are aware that the funds we raise go to support our Veterans and their families during their time of need.

Because of this we will be setting up a phoning committee to call members and offer a time frame for you to honour your commitment to participate in the poppy ca next year.

Yours in comradeship

John Sherman

2nd Vice President/Poppy Chairman



Kitchen Chairman Report

Busy, busy, busy. The kitchen has been extremely busy these last few months of last year. With our kitchen cooking 18 turkeys to accommodate the Christmas lunches and dinners which have been booked with our branch.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the many hours the volunteers contributed to our success and I thank them for their dedication to our branch. Our cook (Mike Hensman) is going to write a book on how to cook turkeys, coming out soon in the New Year.


Yours in comradeship

John Sherman

2nd Vice President/Kitchen Chairman


Ladies’ Auxiliary President’s Message

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season, spending time with family and friends.

Our Annual Tea & Bazaar was held on December 2nd and was successful again this year.  Thanks to Kim Junkin for chairing this Committee and to Jean Davis for being our go-to person on the day of the event.

It was nice to see so many of you at the Ladies’ Auxiliary Christmas Party!  Again this year we were served a delicious dinner by Branch executive members who looked very dashing in their white shirts and black bow ties!  A huge thanks to the Branch for our dinner and for the wonderful service.  Thanks also to Howie Johnston for entertaining us – we always enjoy his singing.

Life member Kitty Stone made the draw for our Early Bird winner and the winner is ….Marlene Bartley.  Congratulations Marlene!

At our Christmas Dinner, long term awards were presented to the following:

60 year pin – Eileen Duncan

50 year medal – Catherine Hughes and Grace Junkin

45 year pin – Gayle Kennedy

40 year pin – Beth Hurlburt

Congratulations to all of you and thank you for your years of service to our Ladies’ Auxiliary.

At the November Remembrance, Honours & Awards Dinner I presented to Branch President Howie Johnston, on behalf of all of you, a cheque in the amount of $8000.00.  Comrade Howie stated the cheque was very timely as work was starting in the cooler and the money can be directed to that project.

Members of our Ladies’ Auxiliary are participating in a cribbage tournament on January 6th  in Cannington.  As well, we will be represented at Team Darts in Brechin on February 3rd.  Good luck to all participants. 

Yours in comradeship,

Sandra Richardson, President

Ladies Auxiliary Executive 2017-2018

President                                                    Sandra Richardson

Past President                                            Donna Jessup

First Vice President                                    Marilyn LaMarche

Second Vice President                               Sandy Ireland

Secretary                                                     Kitty Stone

Treasurer                                                     Kim Junkin

Sergeant-at-Arms                                        Joan Kirkpatrick

Sports Officer                                               Jean Davis

Executive                                                     Judy Silverthorn, Cindy Buda

                                                                    Janet Joyce, Marlene Bartley

                                                                    Eleanor Danilko, Lorraine Maloney

Kitchen Staff and Legion Executive. All in bow ties serving the Ladies Auxiliary at their Christmas Dinner.  Great job all.


Seasonal Sharing Basket with the Veterans

At Canadian Forces Base Borden,

The Lindsay Legion donating $1000.00 towards the Seasonal Sharing Basket to Veterans at Canadian Forces Base Borden.  

Once again the Lindsay Legion helping Canadian Armed Forces Veterans in this festive season.



Alexandra Public School having a Remembrance Day at the Cenotaph

10 th of November Alexandra Public School had a ceremony at the Cenotaph

Alexandra Public School  had a great turnout for their Remembrance Day at the cenotaph in Lindsay.

Lindsay Legion Colour Party helped out by attending.



Sir Sam Seniors President Dorothy Fieldhouse presented a cheque

Jim Cameron presented with a cheque.

Sir Sam Seniors President Dorothy Fieldhouse presented a $1000.00 cheque to Branch 3rd Vice President Jim Cameron at the Euchre Christmas Lunch.


Remembrance Honours & Awards Dinner

Come out & have a great evening honouring our Veterans & Legion members


Our Special Events Chair Comrade Rob McDougall would like to thanks all who helped out with the Honours and Awards Dinner. Congratulations to all the recipients. Especially Comrade Howie Johnston for receiving the Life Membership. Also Comrade Hank Oppors for receiving the Legionnaire of the Year Award.

Howie Johnston receiving his Legion Life Membership.

Hank Oppors receiving the Legionnaire of the Year award


Remembrance Day Service 11hour, 11day, 11 month

                                                                                                    Pictured, Janique McDougall reads Canada's Forgotten Women poem. - Barbara-Ann MacEachern                                                                                             Remembrance Day in Lindsay (1)Remembrance Day services take place in communities around the area on Saturday.






Remembrance Day in Lindsay (2)

Lindsay residents came out by the hundreds to help honour those who give their all for the country at the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in Lindsay Saturday (Nov. 11). Pictured the Silver Cross Mother wreath is the first to be lain in the Laying of the Wreaths ceremony. - Barbara-Ann MacEachern 

Remembrance Day in Lindsay (3)Lindsay residents came out by the hundreds to help honour those who give their all for the country at the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in Lindsay Saturday (Nov. 11). - Barbara-Ann MacEachern 
bobcaygeon vets.jpgLindsay residents came out by the hundreds to help honour those who give their all for the country at the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in Lindsay Saturday (Nov. 11). - Barbara-Ann MacEachern 
Remembrance Day in Lindsay (5)Lindsay residents came out by the hundreds to help honour those who give their all for the country at the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in Lindsay Saturday (Nov. 11). - Barbara-Ann MacEachern 
Remembrance Day in Lindsay (6)Lindsay residents came out by the hundreds to help honour those who give their all for the country at the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in Lindsay Saturday (Nov. 11). - Barbara-Ann MacEachern 
Remembrance Day in Lindsay (7)Lindsay residents came out by the hundreds to help honour those who give their all for the country at the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in Lindsay Saturday (Nov. 11). - Barbara-Ann MacEachern 
Remembrance Day in Lindsay (8)Lindsay residents came out by the hundreds to help honour those who give their all for the country at the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in Lindsay Saturday (Nov. 11). - Barbara-Ann MacEachern 

Remembrance Day Display in Adelaide Place Retirement Community

Residents delighted to have a Remembrance Day Display

Walk in The Past 2017

Vimy Ridge display & Memorial




The Legion Branch 67 would like to thank our Business Sponsors for donating items which added to the presentation for the "Walk in the Past" Vimy Ridge display & Memorial. They include these Business listed.

  • Food Basics                                  Contact: Dave Darling

  • Valu Mart                                      Contact:  Tim Norris

  • National Grocers                          Contact:  Jason Foster, Blair Simmons.

  • Northern Casket                           Contact:  Kaly Ferguson, Gary Stata

  • Home Building & Display Centre Contact:  All the staff 

All Business are located in the Lindsay area. Once again we appraise your support with making this a great display.


Vimy Ridge 9 April 2017 ( 100 years ) Anniversary 




Increase in Benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada

Important information for our Veterans ( Please read )

 Veterans receiving benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada can receive this increase they are entitled to.


Canadian Flag Protocol

The Canadian Flag was approved by Parliament and on February 15, 1965 proclaimed by Her Majesty The Queen. It is described as a red flag of the proportions two by length and one by width, containing in its centre a white square the width of the flag, bearing a single red maple leaf.


1. It is appropriate for the Canadian Flag to be flown or displayed by individuals and organizations; but at all times the Flag should be treated with dignity and respect and flown or displayed properly.

2. When possible the Flag is flown daily from sunrise to sunset at all federal government buildings, airports and military bases and establishments within and outside Canada. It is not contrary to etiquette to have the Flag flying at night.

3. The Flag may be displayed flat or flown on a staff. If flat, it may be hung horizontally or vertically. If it hangs vertically against a wall, the Flag should be placed so that the upper part of the leaf is to the left and the stem is to the right as seen by spectators.

4. The Flag may be flown or displayed in a church, auditorium, or other meeting place. When used in the chancel of a church or on a speaker's platform the Flag should be flown to the right of the Clergyman or speaker. When used in the body of a church or auditorium the Flag should be flown to the right of the audience or congregation. The Flag should not be used to cover a speaker's table or be draped in front of the platform; nor should it be allowed to touch the floor. If displayed flat against the wall at the back of a platform, the Flag should be above and behind the speaker.

5. When used on the occasion of unveiling a monument, tablet, picture, etc., the Flag should be properly draped and prevented from falling to the ground or floor.

6. In a procession, where several flags are carried, the Canadian Flag should be in the position of honour at the marching right or at the centre front.

7. The Flag should not be used for commercial advertising purposes. It is quite appropriate to fly it at business establishments or to display it to identify Canadian exhibits at fairs. Its use in such cases, as in all others, should reflect respect for the Flag.


When a Flag becomes worn, noticeably faded or otherwise unfit for service, it should be disposed of privately by burning.


1. The position of the Flag when flying at half-mast will depend on its size, the length of the flagstaff and its location; but as a general rule, the centre of the Flag should be exactly half-way down the staff. When hoisted to or lowered from half-mast position, the Flag should first be raised to the masthead.

2. Flags of The Portage la Prairie School Division No. 24 will be flown at half-mast on the death of the Sovereign or a member of the Royal Family related in the first degree to the Sovereign, the Governor General, The Prime Minister of Canada, a former Governor General, a former Prime Minister of Canada, a federal Cabinet Minister, the Lieutenant Governor of the province, the Provincial Premier, the member of the House of Commons or the member of the Provincial Legislature.

3. Flags of The Portage la Prairie School Division No. 24 may be flown at half-mast on the day of the funeral in honour of students, staff, residents, or former residents of The Portage la Prairie School Division at the discretion of the Board of Trustees or the Superintendent of Schools.

Reference: General rules for flying and displaying the Canadian Flag and other flags in Canada. Secretary of State, Cat. No. 52-74/1978.
Adopted: Apr. 8/82
Revised: Sept. 10/92



Of Sir Sam Hughes Branch 67 Royal Canadian Legion
The Last Post Fund’s primary mandate is to deliver the Veterans Affairs Canada Funeral and Burial Program which provides funeral, burial and grave marking benefits for eligible Canadian and Allied Veterans. Its mission is to ensure that no Veteran is denied a dignified funeral and burial, as well as a military gravestone, due to insufficient funds at time of death.
In addition to delivering the Funeral and Burial Program, the Last Post Fund supports other initiatives designed to honour the memory of Canadian and Allied Veterans. It owns and manages its own military cemetery, the National Field of Honour. Moreover, the Last Post Fund has created the Unmarked Grave Program which is meant to provide military markers for unmarked Veterans’ graves.
Another option available to Veterans is interment in the National Military Cemetery in Ottawa. One immediate family member may also be interred in the same plot. Please consult this link for further information or telephone 1-800-883-6094 or 1-866-990-9530.
The Last Post Fund is supported financially by Veterans Affairs Canada and by private donations. They can be contacted at 1-800-465-7113 or info@lastpost.ca.

The Legion Service Bureau Network serves Veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), RCMP, and their families by representing their interests with Veterans Affairs Canada and the Veterans Review and Appeal Board for disability benefits under the Pension Act or the New Veterans Charter. The Legion’s professional Command Service Officers are mandated by legislation to provide representation, advocacy and financial assistance free of charge, Legion member or not. 7000+ affordable housing units owned by the Legion for Veterans and their families.



Wednesday Wings

On our beautiful deck Howie is dishing up great wings Wednesday afternoons for only $7.00 per pound. If your lucky and the sun is shining you will catch him pickin' his guitar between orders!

Only in the summer months from 1st May until end of Sept from 11:30am until 1:30pm.

One Pound of wings          $   7.00

Two Pound of wings          $ 14.00

Three Pound of wings       $ 21.00

Fries                                      $  3.00          1/2 Order Fries $ 1.50

Onion Rings                          $  3.00 


Howie`s Special,            Honey Garlic

Mild, Medium, Hot, and Extra Hot.

Includes Carrot & Celery Sticks with Wings Order



BBQ Tuesday &Thursday

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers we are able to provide BBQ lunches on the best open-air patio over looking the water in Lindsay.

Stop by for a bite to eat and enjoy our view of the water!
In the fall & winter & spring we also offer these choices in the canteen.

From 11:30am until 1:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Hamburger $3.50
  • Hamburger & Fries or Onion Rings $6.25
  • Cheeseburger $3.75
  • Cheeseburger & Fries or Onion Rings $6.50
  • Peameal on Bun $3.75
  • Peameal on Bun with Fries $6.50
  • Hot Dog $2.75
  • Hot Dog & Fries or Onion Rings $5.50
  • Sausage on Bun $3.75
  • Sausage on Bun & Fries or Onion Rings $6.50
  • Western sandwich (Only in the Winter) $3.75
  • Western sandwich & Fries or Onion Rings $6.50
  • French Fries $3.00
  • Onion Rings $3.00
  • Cheese  $0.25
  • Gravy  $0.50
  • Fried Onions $0.00 No cost


Friday Lunch

This event is open to the public

Our chef Mike and talented volunteers offer us mouth watering weekly specials ranging from ham with scalloped potatoes to lasagna or Fish N`Chips and everything in between. Join us this Friday to see what's cook-in'.



  • Homemade sandwiches $3.00
  • Corned Beef on Rye or Roast beef $4.50
  • Roast Beef Dinner $9.00
  •  Liver with Bacon n Onions $9.00
  • Turkey with all the fix-ins  $9.00  (served the last Friday of the month)                                           
  • Vegetarian dinner $4.50 ( Any of the above, Less meat)
  • All Friday lunches include mashed potatoes, veggie du jour, dinner roll and tea or coffee
  • Pie $3.00 ( Pie selections will vary week to week )
  • Take out containers $0.25

Every Friday we Include along with specials below Roast Beef, Liver and Onions, with all the fixings & sandwiches.

From 11:30am until 1:30pm  



Jan   5     Bake Pork Loin   
Jan 12     Shepherd’s Pie 
Jan 19     Fish N Chips & coleslaw

Jan 26     Turkey Dinner with all the fixings

Feb   2     Chicken Parmesan With Garlic Bread

Feb   9     Chili With garlic Bread

Feb 16     Fish N Chips & coleslaw

Feb 23     Turkey Dinner with all the fixings



Saturday Meat Roll

2:00pm in the Canteen ( Down stairs at the Legion )

Stock up your freezer with great prizes!!

                                       Image result for roasts from a butchery

This is a draw for meat. All you have to do is purchase a 50 Cents ticket for LARGE variety of meat to be won. 


Come down Saturday afternoon to the canteen & check it out.

As always... Good Luck!!