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Bulletin of Events


Kitchen Staff & Volunteers

  Why not drop by for a delicious, sandwich or lunch special.In our downstairs lounge (found on our calendar of events). We have a dedicated crew of staff and volunteers, geared to make your a meal a memorable one. They are also the ladies and gentlemen that help make your event a meaningful experience when renting one of our rooms for that special event.

From left to right: Joanne Pritchard , Judy Eyers, Malene Bartley, Edith Baker, Cindi Buda, Mike Hansman, Lynne Alexopoulos,Bev Johnston


Branch 67 Annual Meeting & Branch Elections Sunday 14th April 2:00pm

We will post all of your Branch Executive and their postions for 2019 by the end of June





Ladies Auxiliary Bake Sale

Tarts, Squares, Cookies the works will be there. Buy your favourate cakes.


Important notice Branch 67 Ladies Auxiliary Elections Tuesday 7th May 5:30pm

Come out and support your Ladies Auxiliary Branch 67 Elections

Officers and committee`s will be posted after the election.


Kitchen Chairman Report

Kitchen Chairman Report:

The last couple of months we did have some things going on at the legion, the branch started with a Wedding on Jan. 5th, then Ontario Darts, Zone Shuffleboard and District Cribbage and the Olympics. L.A. President Kim Junkin had a L.A. Zone Darts and her turn for Ontario Darts. I wish to thank Mike for working all of these events for Kim and I. Everything in the kitchen went well with the help from all the volunteers. Special thank you to Judy Eyres, Marlene Bartley, Joan Kirkpatrick, Joanne Pritchard, Annie MacGillivray for taking the orders at Shuffleboard and Diane McGinnis-Fountain for helping me serve the food at the Olympics. Communication is so very important in any business adventurers.

Bookings are starting to come in and it is great to see because they are return customers from last year. This all due in part by our great many volunteers that help in the kitchen. At this time I wish to thank the Special FRIDAY LUNCH LADIES Joan Kirkpatrick, Marlene Bartley, Cindy Buda, Joanne Pritchard, Edith Baker, extra helpers Annette Cameron, Judy Eyres, Jean Davis, Pat Eagan. These ladies work well together every Friday all year long, which makes our lunches very successful, a big thank you to you all. An important part of this lunch is our dish washers, Ken Sheehey, Donna Berry, Lynne Alexopoulos and Craig Levine. Our volunteers arrive at the branch about 9:30 a.m. and we are usually all done cleaning up about 2:30 p.m. If you wish to volunteer in the kitchen, please see Joanne Pritchard, I’m sure she can find a task for you at one of our events. I would like to thank Ron Cooper for his idea of grilled chicken on a bun, for his Tuesday and Thursday BBQ, it sure is delicious!!! Kim Junkin’s idea of veggies and dip I thought was very good, so I’m going to try it again and see how it goes. The price is $3.00 for veggies with dip; we need to try new things.

I wish to thank Ron for all his help in the kitchen while he can. I would like to thank Joanne Pritchard and Wally Tomasik for picking up all the food needed every Tuesday for the week. I wish to thank Kim Junkin and Wally Tomasik for taking care of the setup for the funeral tables and chairs on Thursday February 14th as we were away in Kingston. Kim Junkin and Annette Cameron are a great help to Jan Patrick in the office as bookings are coming in and the office daily duties need to get done.

Yours in Comradeship

 Bev Johnston


BBQ Tuesday &Thursday

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers we are able to provide BBQ lunches on the best open-air patio over looking the water in Lindsay.

Stop by for a bite to eat and enjoy our view of the water!
In the fall & winter & spring we also offer these choices in the canteen.

From 11:30am until 1:30pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Hamburger $3.50
  • Hamburger & Fries or Onion Rings $6.25
  • Cheeseburger $3.75
  • Cheeseburger & Fries or Onion Rings $6.50
  • Peameal on Bun $3.75
  • Peameal on Bun with Fries $6.50
  • Hot Dog $2.75
  • Hot Dog & Fries or Onion Rings $5.50
  • Sausage on Bun $3.75
  • Sausage on Bun & Fries or Onion Rings $6.50
  • Western sandwich (Only in the Winter) $3.75
  • Western sandwich & Fries or Onion Rings $6.50
  • French Fries $3.00
  • Onion Rings $3.00
  • Cheese  $0.25
  • Gravy  $0.50
  • Fried Onions $0.00 No cost


Wednesday Wings

On our beautiful deck Howie is dishing up great wings Wednesday afternoons for only $7.00 per pound. If your lucky and the sun is shining you will catch him pickin' his guitar between orders!

Only in the summer months from 1st May until end of Sept from 12:00am until 2:00pm.


ONE POUND WINGS                                                                                                                        $  7.00




                        HONEY GARLIC







                        BLUE CHEESE

FRIES            or ONION RINGS         $  3.00

FRINGS                                               $  3.00


GRAVY                                                 $    .50

Includes Carrot & Celery Sticks with Wings Order



Friday Lunch

This event is open to the public

Our chef Mike and talented volunteers offer us mouth watering weekly specials ranging from ham with scalloped potatoes to lasagna or Fish N`Chips and everything in between. Join us this Friday to see what's cook-in'.



  • Homemade sandwiches $3.00
  • Corned Beef on Rye or Roast beef $4.50
  • Roast Beef Dinner $9.00
  •  Liver with Bacon n Onions $9.00
  • Turkey with all the fix-ins  $9.00  (served the last Friday of the month)                                           
  • Vegetarian dinner $4.50 ( Any of the above, Less meat)
  • All Friday lunches include mashed potatoes, veggie du jour, dinner roll and tea or coffee
  • Pie $3.00 ( Pie selections will vary week to week )
  • Take out containers $0.25

Every Friday we Include along with specials below Roast Beef, Liver and Onions, with all the fixings & sandwiches.

From 11:30am until 1:30pm  



May   3     Sheppard’s Pie
May 10    Chicken Parmesan
May 17    Lasagna

July 19    Fish N Chips & coleslaw
May 31    Turkey Dinner With All The Trimmings


June   7   Grilled Chicken 
June   14  Meatloaf

June   21  Fish N Chips & Coleslaw

June  28   Turkey Dinner with all the Trimmings





Saturday Meat Roll

2:00pm in the Canteen ( Down stairs at the Legion )

Stock up your freezer with great prizes!!

                                       Image result for roasts from a butchery

This is a draw for meat. All you have to do is purchase a 50 Cents ticket for LARGE variety of meat to be won. 


Come down Saturday afternoon to the canteen & check it out.

As always... Good Luck!!