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Our Student Catherine Cadigan Recognized at the Legion

Catherine has been a great resource for the Legion. Helping with numerious projects for the Artifacts Committee.

We have been trying for a few months to track down this very busy young lady. To present her with a Legion Certificate of Appreciation for all of her hard work while here on a co-op assignment.  We hope to have her help out again when she is available.  A avid historian herself. She was a great addition to the research and artifact groups of the Legion.  We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.  Great Job, Bravo Zulu.

From left to right in photo:  Howie Johnston, Catherine Cadigan, Claus Reuter, & Bill Neville.



Card / Letter to a Canadian Armed Forces Member overseas and not at home for Christmas holidays.

This is two address for CAF members you are wishing to send a Letter or a Holiday Card to.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) web site will show the actual deployment address through Canada Post.

Any Canadian Forces member PO Box 5140 Stn Forces Belleville Ontario K8N5W6

Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) web site.  http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/write-to-the-troops/mailing-instructions.page#anc3






Sir Sam Hughes Branch 67 Zone F-4 Convention

Comrade Chairman,Zone Chairman,Ladies Auxiliary,Comrades All:

                                               Sir Sam Hughes Branch 67
                                                   Zone F-4  Convention
                          Comrade Chairman,Zone Chairman,Ladies Auxiliary,Comrades All:

       Things at this time around our legion look very well. But looks can be deceiving. As I mentioned in my last report I was running for president to finish the job I started. Everything with the fuel tank removal seemed to be going along good. CHEST FUND submitted to help with the cost and had a positive meeting with the chairman. Cm3 said every hole was below MOECC standards and I was told I could pave the parking lot. Than the kick with that frozen boot came in. Cm3 informs me they have now found some fuel in one of the holes that is over the standards, our insurance said we're not covered, why do we pay such an exuberant amount I'll never know, get a letter from the CHEST FUND that their extenuating circumstance are a lot different than mine, and I have to do it all over,All thirteen copies. There is no way I can get the driveway paved until next year. Ministry of Environment wants to have a talk. I told them the amount of fuel in the ground has had no effect on the environment because I cut the grass every Thursday, cut the bushes down twice a year because they grow like weeds and the boat oil and gas in the river from spring til fall is way more than what our fuel tank held when it was full. Like all of you, we received an e-mail from Comrade Sharon from Ontario Command, what was the number one thing they could help us with. I had Comrade Jan, our great secretary write back and tell her, talk to someone in the government that can help end this nightmare at no cost to us.
    With the Poppy campaign coming close, our Ladies Auxiliary will be kicking into high gear. Making sure all our campaign volunteers have a beautiful warm meal to come back to. Their support to the branch is non measurable.
      Our membership continues to grow with 9 Life, 176 Ordinary, 465 Associate,174 Affiliates,and 1 N/V Affiliate,for a total of 825.
        This is my report and I move for its adoption.
         Howie Johnston
         President Branch 67



Marg Mowat with her Dad`s medals

Marg Mowat was presented with her Dad`s medals... it was a tearful day for Marg.



Membership & Dues

Get in on the Early Bird for membership for the Legion for 2019

The Early Bird rate for membership renewal will be done on 30 November 2018.  If you have already renewed please disregard this reminder. For all those that have not, you can renew at the Office, Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.



Early Bird

Sept. 1/18 to Nov. 30/18………………$55.00

December 1/18 to Dec. 31/18………$60.00

January 1/19 to Aug. 31/19…………..$65.00

Ordinary Members:

With over 5 (five) years at this Branch and over 70 years of age:

Early Bird Sept. 1/18 to Nov. 30/18….$50.00

December 1/18 to December 31/18…$55.00

January 1/19 to August 31/19…….......$60.00


If you have changed your address, phone number, email address or any other information could you please submit a change of information form so we can update your records.  You can call the office at 705-324-2613 or mail the information to Royal Canadian Legion, 12 York St. N., Lindsay, Ont., K9V 3Z6 or bring it in to the Office.

Thank you,

James Cameron, Membership Chairman Br. 67 Lindsay, Ont.


Full Name: _________________________________________________________

Membership Number: __________________

Previous telephone number: ____________________   cell:  __________________               

New telephone number: home: __________________  cell: __________________


Previous Address:

 Street Number & Name: ____________________________________________

 Apt Number: _______________   City:_________________  Province:___________

 Postal code _____________________


New Address:

Street Number & Name:_____________________________________________

Apt Number: _________   City: _____________________  Province: ____________

Postal Code: ______________________



18 October 2018


Membership renewal has picked up with the Early Bird Campaign now on.

As of 15 Oct. we have a total of 191 renewals.

Life…………….     9




Affiliate N/V…….1


At the Dominion Convention the Life Category has been reinstated.


Membership per capita has not changed.


If you have changed your address, phone number or email address please let us know so we can update your files.


James Cameron

Membership Chairman


BRANCH 67 DONATIONS – January 1st to December 31st 2017

As you can see this Branch donates a lot of funds to all of these community organizations thousands of dollors each year.

A Place Called Home

Bethel EMMC

Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Boys and Girls Club of Kawartha Lakes

Canada Day Celebrations

Canadian Hearing Society

Canadian Red Cross

Capital Experience Program for Children

Charitable Foundation

Diabetes Canada

District F Hospital Trust Fund

District F Track & Field

Easter Seals

Habitat for Humanity

Heart & Stroke Foundation

HMK Children’s Water Festival

Homeless Veterans

I.E. Weldon graduation

Kawartha Art Gallery

Kawartha Haliburton Children’s Foundation

Kawartha Lakes Food Source

Kids Help Phone

L.C.V.I. graduation

Last Post Fund

Lung Association

March of Dimes

Monarch Bible Camp

Mouth & Foot Painters

Multiple Sclerois

Oldtimer Benefit Hockey

Ontario Horticultural Society

Royal Canadian Army Cadet League #2817

Salvation Army

Santa Claus Parade

Seasonal Sharing gift baskets for veterans

Spina Bifida

St. Thomas Aquinas graduation

Sunnybrook Comfort Fund

Teddy Bear Campaign

The Kidney Foundation

Veterans Voices of Canada

Windsor Classic Games


Presidents Report

Its that time of year again when the branch needs your help in the Poppy Campaign. Remember,when you took the oath to become a member it states,to promote the work of the organization including active participation in the Poppy Campaign. These words should not be taken lightly. Your two hours helps all Veterans and their families. Also,after request forms have been sent to Dominion Command,some donations from the poppy fund can benefit the whole community. This year's Remembrance Day is on a Sunday and I would like to see all our Legionnaires out at the cenotaph. Comrade Rob McDougall has some great ideas for this years ceremony and I encourage everyone to get involved. Comrade Eleanor Danilko has the sign up sheets on the board outside the canteen and I would like to see them full of volunteers. Two hours of your time a year is nothing compared to the years these men and women fought and died for. Don't let them down !

As Building Chairman it feels like I'm in a constant battle with this tank issue. If any government was so worried about the environment, they would have these underground tanks found,dug up,soil removed and do it at no cost to the owner.

Lets turn to a brighter subject. There has been nothing but compliments on the new wall on the stage. Comrades,Hank,Fred and Bev should be congratulated for such fine work. Also comrade Marg Mowat for her donation towards the Queen's new picture frame.

It's that time of year when we will be bringing in our patio tables and storing the chairs. Seeing this issue of the bulletin is for Nov. and Dec. let me say,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!!

Yours In Comradeship
        Howie Johnston








Royal Canadian Legion Colour Party & Sergent-at-Arms

Colour Parties lead Legion Parades, play a prominent role in Remembrance Ceremonies and opening Legion meetings and Conventions

Colour Parties lead Legion Parades, play a prominent role in Remembrance Ceremonies and open Legion meetings and Conventions. ​They command attention and remind us all
​of the Legion’s commitment to Canada's Veterans.

The Royal Canadian Legion has a long history of loyalty and community service, and one of the most visible signs of that is the presence of Colour Parties at most Legion events from the Branch level up to and including Dominion Command.
​Members of the Colour ​Party wear full Legion Dress and carry a set of flags that represent the Legion and the principles on which the Legion is founded.​​


Sergent-at-Arms for Sir Sam Hughes Branch 67 Royal Canadian Legion. Comrade Dave St Denis.


Kitchen Chairman Report

Busy, busy, busy. The kitchen has been extremely busy these last few months of last year. With our kitchen cooking 18 turkeys to accommodate the Christmas lunches and dinners which have been booked with our branch.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the many hours the volunteers contributed to our success and I thank them for their dedication to our branch. Our cook (Mike Hensman) is going to write a book on how to cook turkeys, coming out soon in the New Year.


Yours in comradeship

John Sherman

2nd Vice President/Kitchen Chairman


Bar Chairmain’s Report

Bar Chairman’s Report

Appointments to the various committees for the 2018 – 2019 term have been made and I am pleased to accept the position of Bar Chairman for another term.

The Canteen bar continues to be busy as always.  The Vimy and Lounge bars also bring in revenue during the various functions held in those rooms.

We will once again be hosting three more deck parties: Canada Day, Sunday, July 1st; Civic Holiday, Monday, August 6th; and Labour Day, Monday, September 3rd.  These events are from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  They feature music by some of your favourite bands and a bar-b-que.

I would like to thank our Bar Stewards for a job well done in the past year and looking forward to the same again this year.

A note of thanks to our sales representative Joe Hawley and Molson Brewery for the recent donation of a new TV for our canteen.

Yours in comradeship,

Jim Richardson

First Vice President/Bar Chairman