Presidents Report

                 Presidents Message

    Hopefully everyone is making it through these dull days of winter unscathed. Myself, I enjoy the winter and try to be as active as possible. It won't be long before spring is in the air and the snowbirds are back at home.

         Speaking of spring and this issue of the bulletin covers the month of April. Let me remind you that our elections will be coming up April 14th.You will be electing, the President,  1st 2ndand 3rd Vice-Presidents along with       8 executives. If you plan on running for the executive that would be great. If you know of someone you believe would be a benefit to the branch, please make sure you talk to them before you nominate them. There would be no use in nominating someone who goes down south for 6 months out the year for an example. There are a lot of great people in this organization with awesome ideas and to be part of that is quite rewarding.

          As you all may know by now we were fortunate to receive $29,000.00  from the C.H.E.S.T  Fund  for repaving the parking lot. I have contacted the paving company to start scheduling for the work. I'm not going to guess how long this will take or the date it will begin. It all depends on the weather! 

          Also some more wonderful news, our application to the New Horizon for Seniors was approved. The $25,000.00 will go a long way in fixing our front entrance and side staircase. Now, this project will put the front entrance out of bounds for some time and I'm working on a way to accommodate all the needs of our patrons during this time. Patience will have to be priority number ONE. We have all been through a lot of renovations the past few years and came out on top with everyone. The Vimy Room, Legionnaires Lounge, Kitchen, Ladies and Men's Washrooms. These two projects slated for this summer will no doubt in my mind help us all.

      Yours in Comradeship

         Howie Johnston