St-at-Arms Report

Sergent at Arms needs your help for flag bearers


Greetings Comrades, pretty soon the nice weather will once again be upon us, and our new marching of colours, for various occasions will be here. I will be posting on the bulletin board as the date of each occasion nears, and any member who has in the past, or recently considered carrying a colour for our colour Party are welcome. Comrades! It is an honour to represent our branch on parade with our Branch Colour Party. Proudly wearing our customary blues and greys…we are upholding a valued tradition of The Royal Canadian Legion.

We are appealing to our membership; to consider becoming part of these traditional events. A recruitment notice will be posted and I hope to see a good response. Thanks to all who have done so in the past.

Yours in comradeship

Dave St. Denis Sgt-at-Arms